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AMT3D implements online Westport3D

Ireland, 07 June 2007: Westport Town Council has launched an online 3D model developed by AMT3D for the city of Westport. The 3D model developed for the city will provide an interface for users to calculate the local and environmental impact of proposed development schemes, quantifying the effects of massing and shading and highlighting issues such as rights of light, as well as understanding the potential problems of servicing the proposed development sites. It provides tools with which one can view the surrounding streets / countryside from within the proposed new structures.

The significant application of this model is in the continued marketing of Westport as one of Ireland’s premier tourist destinations. The model is to be hosted on the web,which will benefit the business community in Westport who will be able to advertise their services via embedded links providing the viewer with direct access to business websites from the model. Westport3D will also act like a link between all business ventures in the town which can be accessed within this model. The model can be accessed at the line https://www.amt3d.com/westport3d.php