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Amristar, an Australian intelligent IT innovation company, has announced that i-delve, a unique online mapping technology, is now ready to be deployed. “We’re pleased to announce the release of a unique product that greatly facilitates the serving of spatial data over the Internet,” said Mr.
Steve Lieblich, Business Development Director of Amristar. “We’re keen to build relationships with businesses that need to serve spatial data over the Internet, as well as established integrators and solutions providers, and work with them to deploy the revolutionary i-delve technology.”

Developed in-house by Amristar, and over two years in the making, i-delve was designed specifically to allow Internet users to interact with large collections of spatial data over low-bandwidth connections. “i-delve allows the user to smoothly zoom into and out of spatial data sets that are literally hundreds of gigabytes in size,” said Dr. Paul Williams, one of the designers of the technology. “Our proprietary streaming and compression algorithms enable the user to interact with the data even while it is being downloaded, resulting in almost no wait time.” One unique feature of i-delve is its ability to complement raster data with many layers of vector data,
allowing the user to manipulate and query the data as they navigate it.