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American Suzuki Motor Corporation implements ArcWeb services

ESRI announced that American Suzuki Motor Corporation (ASMC), Brea, California, has chosen ArcWeb Services for its Web-based, store locator application.

ArcWeb Services is a suite of GIS Web services that gives developers the ability to offer mapping, routing and other locator services on their Web sites, without having to host the geographic data or develop heavyweight GIS applications. The capability to integrate dynamic access to source data and mapping services provides a significant savings in development time, data maintenance, and computer resources.

ASMC uploaded its store location data set to ESRI using ArcWeb Services. ESRI geocoded these locations and stored them for ASMC on a server for use in mapping or proximity requests.

“The objective is to provide a dealer locator service for customers searching for automobile dealerships on the Suzuki Web site at www.suzuki.com. When a visitor types in a ZIP Code, ArcWeb Services processes the query and returns a list of all Suzuki automobile dealers in a 50-mile area.” said David Harris, Internet development manager for ASMC. Along with each list, the query also returns hyperlinks to dynamic map displays and driving direction tools.