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American Outland choose ECW to distribute its LANDSAT sensor

Earth Resource Mapping has announced that American Outland has chosen ECW to distribute their Landsat sensor data for a variety of geographical locations around the world with the authorization of The Earth Satellite Corporation and NASA.

The images were compressed using Earth Resource Mapping’s ECW compressor. Another source of data that is distributed is USGS provided digital elevation models used for map production.

Sandro Franchi, President of American Outland said: “The ECW file format was a natural choice when we had to decide which of the many available formats we would use in our cartographic products as a standard. The wide support in all the major GIS and navigation products, the high quality and compression level of the resulting images and the user acceptance was a critical factor when we took the decision to use the ECW format. Currently we are also completing the development of our first software product that will also use ECW support”.

Chris Ribbel, Vice President Americas Region said: “We are very pleased that American Outland have selected our ECW format to distribute its imagery. ECW is rapidly becoming the standard for compressed imagery in Latin America”