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Ambercore launches Amber iQ 2.0 – omputerized mapping and GIS tools

Canadian company AmberCoreTM Software, the global provider of spatial decision support systems has announced the release of Amber iQ 2.0. Amber iQ 2.0 is a high performance GIS that integrates vector and raster data to produce visual outputs and analysis. Amber iQ 2.0 focuses on the following key areas – power, speed and being easy to use.

Amber iQ 2.0 allows users to integrate advanced spatial analysis functionality, such as
Interpolation, Viewshed Analysis, Spatial Correlation and Predictive
Analysis into their workflow. Amber iQ 2.0 also permits users to create and visualize raster files with no file size limits. Amber iQ 2.0 is designed to be extremely fast. Users can view & manipulate 2D & 3D raster / vector outputs in real time and without
screen re-fresh. Multiple streams of analysis can be run simultaneously
with no interruptions as Amber iQ 2.0 is multi-threaded; and users can
leverage the extremely fast, mapping engine to automate tasks

Amber iQ 2.0 is easy to use, featuring drag and drop, point and click functionality with wizard driven work flows and preview windows. Amber iQ 2.0 also allows users to create and edit map-linked tables with the same ease of use found in popular spreadsheet programs. This ease of use is complemented by a project-style dashboard environment.