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Amazon-1 sat imagery to be available free of cost

Brazil: Images of Brazil’s first indigenous satellite, Amazon-1 (to be launched in 2013), will be offered free of charge to neighbouring countries, La Estrella reported. The images from the Amazon-1 also will be included in the Brazilian policy of free access to satellite data, said the Head of the Division of Sea, Antarctica and Space of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Fabio Pitaluga.

This free data policy of the National Institute For Space Research (in Portuguese INPE) was defended by the diplomat during the opening ceremony of the annual meeting of the Group of Earth Observation (GEO, for its acronym in English) in Istanbul (Turkey). In his speech, the minister highlighted the various initiatives of INPE to share its satellite images with other countries and transferring technology to the neighbours.

“Amazon-1 satellite aims to monitor the forest and agriculture in tropical regions of the world, “said Pitaluga. “Brazil has developed an open source software to process surveillance images remote and analyse geographic information and spatial data. Such software is already widely used in Latin America and we aim to expand its use to other developing nations of Asia and Africa,” he added.

Source: La Estrella