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Altus introduces seismic data acquisition system

Torrance, US: Altus Positioning Systems introduced a new GPS-based data acquisition system for seismic applications. The new system includes an ikeGPS multi-sensor data acquisition system integrated with ‘Seismic Surveyor’ custom software from MicroSurvey to allow the user to stake hundreds of points each day, and quickly compute positions of target items.

The ikeGPS multi-sensor data acquisition platform combines a GPS receiver, laser rangefinder, 3D compass and digital camera in a single ruggedised handheld device, providing a fully integrated low-cost solution for capturing geospatial data and 3D seismic volume during oil and gas exploration. The system permits users to geolocate objects quickly and easily from a single location with the laser rangefinder and compass, using the recorder’s GPS coordinates as a reference. The digital camera provides a visual reference for each object captured into the database, and the system can even calculate position coordinates for target items directly from the photographs.

“We are wrapping the ikeGPS product with specialist software for a truly integrated package,” said Neil Vancans, CEO and president of Altus Positioning Systems. “Combining the ikeGPS product with specialised application software helps us to specifically address the seismic community’s need for sub-meter GPS positioning and data capture, which can be used to help create 3D computer models of underground geometries.”

Vancans noted that for applications requiring higher-precision positioning, the ikeGPS device can be interfaced with Altus’ APS-3 GNSS RTK survey-grade receivers for millimetre-level accuracies.

Source: Altus