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Altitude Angels L.A.A.N.C. service now freely available to US users

Altitude Angel, a unmanned traffic management (UTM) technology provider, has announced that it has expanded access to its implantation of the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (L.A.A.N.C.) service in its products, meaning its U.S.-based commercial drone pilots can now use the company’s capabilities to access airspace at around 600 U.S. airports – free of charge.

Part 107 (Commercial) operations can now gain L.A.A.N.C. approval through Altitude Angel’s DroneSafetyMap.com without any need to visit a third-party platform.

On the expansion of the L.A.A.N.C. capability, Richard Parker, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Altitude Angel said: “We’re pleased to be bringing L.A.A.N.C. capability to our commercial pilots flying in the United States. While we’ve had L.A.A.N.C. technology available for a number of months,

this release puts it front and center in our product portfolio, making access quick and easy, so anyone wanting to seek L.A.A.N.C. approval can now do so via DroneSafetyMap.com.”

In addition, Altitude Angel’s implementation of L.A.A.N.C. means pilots can quickly check their ‘options’ before submitting a full authorization request and make any adjustments in a streamlined process to maximize their chances of securing approval.

Altitude Angel was initially approved by the Federal Aviation Authority (F.A.A.) as a UAS Service Supplier (U.S.S.) of the L.A.A.N.C. in October of last year.

The expansion of the L.A.A.N.C. authorization service follows Altitude Angel’s recent announcement of an industry alliance with Pierce Aerospace, the U.S. based remote identification system supplier, with the goal to bring automated drone flight a step closer.