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Alteryx strengthens presence in India

India: Alteryx added regional partner in India, Integrated Digital Systems (IDSGIS). Through this partnership, Alteryx aims to address expanding interest among businesses in South Asian and South East Asian markets for implementing Agile Business Intelligence solutions with analytics.

“One thing my clients tell me they need more today is the ability to process business intelligence data with powerful geospatial analytics,” said Sanjay K. Agarwalla, CEO of IDSGIS. “BI data has been an input to the GIS tools they have used in the past, but when I demonstrate how Alteryx can analyse and visualise both spatial and non-spatial data faster and better than what they used before, my customers are excited and want to use this new technology to complement their existing investment.”

“In India, we are getting validation of our technology’s unique value, and given the current market environment, we are proving every day that Alteryx is the timely solution to satisfy this growing demand for BI with geospatial analytics,” said Amit Shivpuja, Country Manager at Alteryx.

According to the company’s press statement, the Alteryx Agile Business Intelligence software platform has been gaining recognition across international markets, because of its flexible deployment options on the desktop, server or cloud, as well as its unrivaled strength in simplifying the building of advanced BI analytic solutions. Business leaders in operational and planning functions across today’s enterprises are discovering the substantial competitive advantage Alteryx delivers over systems that require dedicated IT support or programming resources.

IDSGIS has been in the business of GIS for almost two decades and has found that its clients are demanding greater analytic capabilities, and the means to process non-spatial and spatial data rapidly, independent of their choice of visualisation output formats or solutions. Alteryx has proved to be an enabling platform for IDSGIS and its clients, helping market leading enterprises in India to manage and analyze large spatial data assets. Several IDSGIS clients have reported that Alteryx business intelligence analytics and map-rendering capabilities automate, in a fraction of the time, what has been a very labor-intensive process in the past.

Source: Alteryx