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Alteryx’ grants for innovative spatial research

US: Alteryx is teaming up with selected North American universities to drive the power of spatial analytics and data management solutions into university course curricula to facilitate and encourage collaboration between industry and academia.

Dean Stoecker, Alteryx CEO and President, said, “Today, spatial intelligence has evolved to inform nearly every industrial category and field of study. As part of this paradigm shift, the Alteryx mission is to move academia beyond the traditional GIS tools and instil spatial intelligence into multiple disciplines, inspiring the technologists and business leaders of the future.”

The University of Texas at Dallas, the University of Northern Texas, the University of Southern California, Penn State University and Ryerson University have already completed applications for the programme, which was launched on January 19 and will eventually include 15 institutions. Each will receive free Alteryx software licenses, technical support, internships, scholarships and jobs programmes to forward collaborative learning channels between departments, schools and industry partners. The total grant value for each of the 15 founding universities of the programme is expected to exceed USD 150,000.
Lew-Jean King, spatial business intelligence (BI) consultant and educator with the State University of New York College at Buffalo, said, “The ability to integrate many disparate data sources, both spatial and non-spatial and the logical visual flow and graphic interface that allows for customisation of applications and modules, are the unique elements that position Alteryx as a definitive teaching tool.”
The programme’s long-term goal is to establish application and module exchanges where students, professors and industry professionals can develop and share new solutions and new ways to solve business problems and societal challenges.

Source: Alteryx