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Altavian awarded $4 million contract by US Army

US, November 7, 2014: Altavian has been awarded a $4 million contract in partnership with Lockheed Martin to provide gimbal sensor payloads for the Army’s RQ-20 Puma small unmanned aircraft system (UAS). The payloads provide intelligence and situational awareness to the warfighter using real-time infrared and visible-spectrum video with laser illumination capabilities.

The sensor package is powered by the Lockheed Martin Procerus Technologies’ Perceptor gimbaled imaging sensor, which provides advanced stabilization and target tracking features to improve image quality and sharpness.

Commenting on the contract, John Perry, CEO of Altavian, said “This partnership brought together Altavian’s agile technology development approach and small business efficiency with Lockheed Martin’s extensive experience and engineering leadership. It has been a resounding success in developing a product that will equip our warfighters with the best technology available to help keep them out of harm’s way.”

Source: SUAS News