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All European markets in one Map Set by Gfk GeoMarketing

Waghausel, Germany 29 March 2007: The new Europe Map Set offers companies a current and detailed basis for all international activities. The map collection contains the more than 1,500 territorial changes in Europe since last year as well as many enhancements and new additions.

The Europe Map Set is the world’s most extensive collection of digital maps for postal codes and municipalities in Europe. The maps cover all postal and administrative districts of 39 Western and Eastern European countries, and Turkey. An extensive collection of topographical maps such as elevations, city points, roads and waterways are also included.

The maps contain names and official descriptions of all European countries – with international names and in many cases including special characters of the respective native language. This creates a standardized planning basis for companies who do business throughout Europe. Local names and spellings are extremely important in new markets and countries that are targeted for expansion. Especially when working with local partners, clear names help avoid misunderstandings and improve communication beyond language barriers.

Klaus Dittmann, head of the cartography department at GfK GeoMarketing, explains: “By fully covering the whole of Europe with standardized, high resolution, overlap-free territorial maps, GfK GeoMarketing can meet the needs of company’s sales, controlling and marketing departments. An increasing number of companies are choosing to plan strategies and sales territories across borders. With the European map sets, it is possible to combine standard maps to create customized solutions. For example, the standard postal code maps for Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary found in the Europe Map Set can be seamlessly combined to create a large customized sales territory map.”