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Algeria sets up Centre of Satellite Development

Algeria: President of Algeria, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, inaugurated the Algerian Centre for Satellite Development (ACSD). This centre, located in Oran, is an operational entity of the Algerian Space Agency, which is a UN-SPIDER Regional Support Office. The opening of this Center is an activity contemplated in the National Space Programme – Horizon 2020. 
Built on an area of 4.7 hectares and including housing accommodations and sports grounds, the ACSD will boost the development of space technologies in Algeria. This infrastructure will allow Algeria to build the third Algerian Alsat-2 B satellite, a twin of the Alsat-2 earth observation satellite, and future satellite series, as well as to provide the appropriate technological environment to allow engineers and researchers to carry out activities in space technology and other related fields.
Objectives of the ACSD include:- To implement satellite integration in space systems and solar panels;- To conduct functional tests on satellites (test Interference and EMC, thermal vacuum test, vibration test and noise test);- Quality assurance activities for integration and testing of space systems; and- Emergence of an industrial related field of space technology, particularly in the fields of electronics, computer science, mechanics, optics and telecommunications.
Source: ASAL