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Alfalight to Supply Lasers for THAAD Missile Defence System

US: Alfalight has received a contract to deliver lasers for the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) Laser Initiated Ordnance System (LIOS) built by Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company (PSEMC) as a subcontractor to THAAD prime contractor Lockheed Martin. The contract has a value of USD 3.7 million for deliveries over an 18-month period.

The PSEMC LIOS provides the THAAD interceptor missile with an innovative solution for controlling critical missile flight events from launch to impact using laser light technology to initiate explosive charges. In addition to reliable control of sequences, the laser technology safeguards against potential accidental initiation and EMS disruption. THAAD is a key element of the US Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) and is the only ballistic missile defense system capable of interception both within and outside the earth’s atmosphere. Since 2005 the THAAD programme has completed 11 successful intercepts in 11 attempts. In September of 2013, Lockheed Martin announced that it had received a multi-billion dollar production contract to produce elements of the THAAD weapons system for the US Missile Defense Agency and the United Arab Emirates (via foreign military sale).

“This contract is a valued vote of confidence from our customer and builds on Alfalight’s many years of success in high-performance laser systems for defense and security. It highlights our capabilities for designing and manufacturing rugged, integrated laser systems for the most demanding and critical applications. We are proud to have been a successful provider of consistently high-quality lasers to PSEMC for the THAAD programme over the past decade,” said Mohan Warrior, President and Chief Executive Officer.

Source: Alfalight