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Alchemedia previews JetStream-3D Platform

Alchemedia Inc, a solutions provider, located in Tokyo Japan recently announced the release of JetStream-3D a LBS service that supports the streaming of geospatial data through a standard web browser environment. Leveraging industry standard Linux/Apache technology and built around web services, Java, XML and OpenGL technologies, JetStream-3D uses ortho-rectified aerial or satellite imagery overlaid on a digital elevation model (DEM). This data is then streamed to a robust and light-weight Java-based 3D viewer that operates inside of a standard web browser. The JetStream-3D viewer is controlled via a JavaScript enabled API allowing users to fly the globe and examine different resolutions of available data, overlaid with vector and 3D objects.

The target customer base is aerial and satellite image providers and solutions providers with access to content. By using the JetStream-3D platform, a client can upload ortho-rectified image data, choose a bandwidth delivery option and in a secure manner, allow streaming access to that data to distributed applications. The JetStream-3D platform automatically converts the uploaded ortho-rectified image data into a highly compressed and structured format optimized for streaming. Pre-processed DEMs are available for the USA (30m NED), Japan (50m GSI), and Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission (SRTM) coverage (90m CGIAR-CSI). In the future clients will be able to upload their own DEM data. After the imagery is processed, the client can then use the JetStream-3D API to further customize the 3D application. This environment provides the necessary building blocks for clients to on-sell secure 3D streaming access to their imagery.