AIS announces Urban Reality multi-sensor imaging system

AIS announces Urban Reality multi-sensor imaging system


Amherst, USA, September 21, 2007: The Urban Reality system (URY) is a turn-key, end-to-end imaging and mapping product. An immersive workflow environment allows information extraction from the colourful texture data (innately understandable to the human eye) and content rich 3D laser point cloud data.

The 3D imaging marketplace is undergoing a rapid change, with requirements for street-level imaging and mapping at a high geometric and texture resolution. Information is demanded in several marketplaces such as; Personal Navigation, Utilities and Infrastructure, Homeland Security, Tourism and Cityscape.

URY revolutionizes the way in which image and geospatial data is collected. Safe, practical and economical, the URY sensor is easy to operate, rugged, reliable and available to install on any standard vehicle with a roof-rack.

“I am truly excited to have the opportunity to bring this revolutionary, yet very affordable technology to the mobile imaging and mapping marketplace.” – says Bill Gutelius, Founder and President of AIS. “The system is simple to install and operate and the software is strictly push-button and fast.” Gutelius continued, “We have already conducted several high-profile pilot projects across the US and the results were outstanding.”