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Airsage powers Google Maps

ATLANTA, USA– AirSage’s patented technology which, turns real-time cell phone signals into meaningful location, movement and traffic data, announced a significant enhancement to its WiSET Traffic Service. The enhanced WiSE Traffic Service was recently integrated with Google Maps’ traffic offering and is now powering the traffic feature in Google Maps in 20 major markets.

The patented WiSE Traffic Service is based on the location information of cell phones derived from wireless carrier cellular data. AirSage collects and analyses these signals and produces more than three billion anonymous locations of people every day.

“Our goal is to power the leading traffic and location-based services applications in the world, so we view Google’s adoption of our enhanced traffic data as a strong endorsement of AirSage as the leader in powering traffic and location applications using cellular signaling data,” said Cy Smith, CEO of AirSage, Inc.