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Aireon to release global emergency response tracking service

US, September 24, 2014: Aireon LLC plans to release a global emergency tracking solution called 'Aircraft Locating and Emergency Response Tracking (ALERT) service.

The solution will be made available to the aviation community, free-of-charge as a public service.It will allow rescue agencies to request the last flight track and location of any 1090 MHz ADS-B equipped plane flying in airspace currently without surveillance.

Don Thoma, President and CEO, Aireon said, “A comprehensive, global aircraft tracking solution is essential in emergency situations, as evidenced by MH370 earlier this year and Air France 447 in 2009. Aireon ALERT will provide accurate and real-time tracking data immediately to authorized search and rescue operations, without requiring airlines to equip aircraft with new avionics or the ANSPs and authorities to deploy new systems.”

This new solution is viewed by many as a quantum leap from the currently available land-based systems, extending air traffic surveillance to the entire planet and offering huge opportunity for the efficiency and safety of air travel over remote and oceanic regions.

Source: Aireon