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Airbourne 1 announces QT Modeler Version 4.0

Airborne 1 Corporation, US-based provider of advanced LiDAR services, rentals, and products worldwide, announced the release of QT Modeler 4.0, the latest application in a powerful suite of 3-D LiDAR visualization software available through the company.

The new version offers users an efficient tool for importing, viewing and analyzing LiDAR and Synthetic Aperature Radar (SAR) data. The QT Modeler 4.0 builds upon the success of previous versions providing an enhanced modeling and analysis package that can build surface models from raw data (e.g. ASCII XYZ or LAS) in minutes, visualize 3-D models in real time, perform critical analysis in seconds, overlay aerial photography, and export to a variety of other software packages for further analysis. The package requires no additional or underlying software and will process and display point clouds of up to 200 million points.

New features designed for QT Modeler Version 4.0 include:

-Flood Plain Simulation
-Change Detection
-Slope Analysis
-Volume Calculation
-Support for State Plane Coordinates
-Multiple Cross Section Export
-And Many Other Enhancements