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Airborne LiDAR bathymetry for coastal survey

Australia: Fugro LADS Corp. has completed acceptance trials of the new LADS Mk 3 Airborne Lidar Bathymetry (ALB) system and has been awarded a project by the New South Wales Government, Office of Environment and Heritage. An ALB survey was conducted in June along parts of the NSW central and north coasts including the coastline between Swansea and The Entrance, Terrigal and Umina Beach and over Byron Bay, from the back of the beach to depths exceeding 30 metres offshore.
This survey will demonstrate the application of Airborne Lidar Bathymetry for the management of sensitive coastal zone regions in NSW. This is the fourth survey of this type in Australia, with similar projects successfully completed by Fugro in Victoria and Western Australia. The information collected is used for environmental management, climate change adaption and modelling the effects of storm surges and tsunamis. This survey in New South Wales will be the first to benefit from the increased efficiency of the new Fugro LADS Mk 3 system installed in a Cessna 441 aircraft.
The Fugro LADS Mk 3 system has a 1.5 kilohertz laser and features a large aperture receiver and automatic gain controls, enabling superior system performance to collect bathymetric data to IHO Order 1a and 1b specifications. The system also offers a range of complementary products, such as digital imagery and reflectance data that can be used to classify the seabed and marine habitat. The system architecture has been designed to facilitate continuous development and there are plans in place to further increase laser rates and swath widths.
The Fugro LADS Mk 3 system has been developed for the international market for projects including nautical charting, pre-seismic surveys, coastal engineering including port development, environmental applications for habitat mapping and coastal zone management surveys. The system enables shallow water and coastal zones to be surveyed faster and more cost effectively collecting high quality data across a wide range of environmental conditions. The system is available for contract surveys however can also be made available to hydrographic agencies for sale or lease.
Source: Fugro LADS Corp.