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AidData, African Development Bank launch MapAfrica

Rwanda: The African Development Bank (AfDB), in partnership with AidData, have launched MapAfrica an online platform that enables citizens, government officials and donors to view the geographic location of AfDB’s investments in development projects throughout Africa at its annual meetings in Kigali. The platform was developed using Esri’s ArcGIS platform, specifically ArcGIS API for Javascript and ArcGIS for Server technology.

The online platform would offer users to view development projects and improve the targeting, coordination and evaluation of aid. Citizens, NGOs and policymakers can access hyper-local information about projects that are relevant to them and view results information.

Currently, MapAfrica contains more than 6,000 geocoded project locations and users can filter those project locations by country, sector and year. Users will also be able to select one project and view all implementation locations.

In the past, AfDB has partnered with AidData to geocode AfDB’s portfolio of projects – applying precise location information to development activities. Now AfDB and AidData are building upon these geocoding efforts by matching investments with results data and beneficiary stories, allowing citizens and other users to more easily see not only what AfDB is doing and where, but also the impact of those activities.

In the future, AfDB and AidData plans to pilot a citizen feedback component of MapAfrica.

Source: AidData