Agreement for regularisation of land parcel

Agreement for regularisation of land parcel


Argentina: The Housing Institute and the Association of Surveyors Chaco, Argentina, signed an agreement for the purpose of advancing the regularisation of land parcel. Carlos Diez, president of the organisation that represents the surveyors, said that the agreement includes a comprehensive work: one is part of topographic and planimetric surveys designed to produce water sanitation, as in days of heavy rains have occurred major flooding.

Diez said, “This is a very important step taken by the Institute of Housing through the Urban Planning Program, with which the survey of Chaco through our partnership will bring professionals to work in this new endeavour provincial government. This new agreement covers not only surveys of the properties but all existing channels, and extension of the streets are going to plan. This, too, must be agreed with the municipality of Resistance.”

Diez said that “this work, the pavement is unparalleled in the history of the province of Chaco, which is why we should draw professionals, contribute and collaborate,” and said: “It would have been a very good opportunity for professional advice put to mediate with the government trying to provide, as it is of concern.”

Source: NORTH Journal