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Agreement for Gabon’s national geomatic plan signed

Gabon: The Gabonese national Agency for digital infrastructures and frequencies (ANINF), the organisation in charge of the implementation and deployment of the National Geomatic Plan (NGP) in Gabon, and IGN France International have signed a cooperation agreement. Under the agreement, IGN France International will bring ANINF its technical assistance in order to implement the NGP at a national scale.

The 8 month-mission is divided in several components:
-Set up the NGP dedicated team within the ANINF
– Achieve the inventory on the existing data coming from the various institutions in charge of their production
– Prepare the ToR related to the cataloging infrastructure and the data dissemination
– Deploy the pilot projects already completed and start new ones
– Organise the training sessions for the team and the administrative staff from other ministries involved in the NGP process

This technical assistance comes after the previous mission IGN France International achieved for the Gabonese General directorate of the Budget, the organisation that initiated the National Geomatic Plan in Gabon.

This mission completed from April to December 2011 consisted in an analysis of the needs and issues and in the completion of 4 pilot projects in various strategic sectors (agriculture, water resources, road infrastructures, health). It eventually led to the organisation of a workshop aiming to present the key findings to the Minister in charge of the Budget, to the secretary-General of Budget and to other ministries’ representatives.

The objective of this event was to demonstrate the added value for the country to set up a strategic framework to develop geomatic in Gabon.

The geographic information that is produced, stored, updated, exchanged, shared, enriched and exploited becomes critical to Gabon’s economic development. Deployed at a national level, the NGP will provide administrations with services to promote decision-making and contribute to the development of synergies between the different sectorial ministries. It will allow for the planning of future investments, the stimulation of active projects and the assessment of the impact of the different public policies that are implemented.

It will also enhance the synergies between the public and the private sectors and develop the productivity of both private and public actors.

The official signature of the ANINF/ IGN France International convention represents a step forward to the implementation of the NGP in Gabon. In the recent years, Gabon had expressed its will to make of geomatic an essential asset for achieving the national development policy, “Emerging Gabon”.

Source: IGN France International