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AGI submits white paper to govt on R-APDRP

India: The Association of Geospatial Industries (AGI), an association of geospatial companies in India, has submitted the white paper to the Ministry of Power, India, on the experiences of restructured accelerated power development and reforms programme (R-APDRP) in various states. The paper discussed the challenges in GIS implementation based on the understanding and learning while undertaking the R-APDRP projects in multiple States.

Base map creation is the first and foremost activity to initiate GIS activities in any project. Procuring satellite imagery is a pre-requisite for creating a base map. The paper listed that procuring satellite imagery from National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) is time consuming. It therefore, recommended that steps should be taken to streamline the imagery procurement. “Utilities should ask NRSC to define some service delivery milestones and provide service level agreement for the tasks controlled by NRSC,” the paper stated.

The paper mentioned that network and asset survey is an important activity in the workflow of GIS implementation, since this is the spatial data of electrical network associated with its non-spatial attributes thereby creating the back bone for R-APDRP project. The paper suggested that since the field survey work is very intensive and prone to mistakes, the scope should be kept as precise as possible, meeting the final objective. After survey completion, if any changes happens in field, then these changes should not be considered during data verification and the data should not be rejected based on these factors, as these are very frequent in field. These changes should be taken care of under regular maintenance work by the DISCOM after completion of the project.

“Among the major recommendations, we want the ministry to set a timeline for the utilities to submit data, train employees in utilities in making them understand the technology and establish a project maintenance unit with a dedicated task force,” said Rajesh Mathur, chairperson of energy committee of AGI.

The paper further suggested that a process based on the lessons learnt should be defined which should consider the following:
-Building Database
-Purchasing/ Procuring Imagery
-Pre-field work like providing SLDs, AoI, Boundary meter details etc
-Completion of activities like installation of Automatic meters which can impact attributes of CI & NW data

“If the recommendations are implemented, it will help make the consumer indexing easier,” added Mathur.

The ministry had written a letter to AGI on May 30 to submit a whitepaper on the experiences of geospatial companies such as TCS, HCL Technology, RMSI, ESRI and Rolta.

Source: Indian Express