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AGI Rolls Out STK 4.3: Flexible With a New Attitude

Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI) has released Satellite Tool Kit® (STK) version 4.3. The most adaptable version of AGI’s commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software to date and the first to include an add-on module dedicated to attitude analysis, STK 4.3 offers complete situational awareness for design, operations, and analysis of aerospace and defence systems.

The flexibility of the new release allows users to configure and extend STK to meet specific needs through a new geometry tool; “plug-in” points for custom equations; and the STK/Attitude module. “After 13 years of use, STK is known throughout the community for its analytical prowess and exceptional 3-D graphics,” says Francesco Linsalata, Chief Operating Officer of AGI. “Now our users can take that framework, extend it with custom input, and gain unprecedented insight into their specialized programs.”

The STK software suite is customisable in multiple ways. To help break down complex system dynamics, users can create custom points, axes, vectors, and coordinate systems with STK 4.3’s new geometry tool. User-defined equations can be inserted into key points of STK’s computational architecture to support specific requirements or legacy systems using MATLAB®, Perl, or Visual Basic® scripts. Finally, the new STK/Attitude module provides analysts detailed views of vehicles’ complex motions, more flexible attitude profiles, and a simulator that models and corrects for disturbances.