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AGI Philadelphia named “Partner of the Year” by ESRI

Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI), the producer of STK analysis and visualization software, has been named Philadelphia region “Partner of the Year” by ESRI, the developer of GIS software. AGI earned the recognition from ESRI for developing STK/GIS, a commercially available tool that integrates STK with ESRI’s industry-standard GIS data formats. STK/GIS has been used by analysts, planners, and operators since 1997 to heighten situational awareness.

“ESRI’s GIS data provides a wealth of static demographic, environmental, and other geographically referenced information. When integrated with STK, the resulting dynamic 3-D picture enables geospatial professionals to analyze and view on-screen what’s happening in a given region, allowing them to make more well-informed decisions.” said Scott Reynolds, AGI’s chief software architect.

AGI also works with ESRI on the Commercial Joint Mapping Toolkit (C/JMTK). Components of STK are worked into the Defense Information Initiative Common Operating Environment (DII COE) and associated Joint and Service C4ISR systems to provide military and intelligence agencies a common suite of imagery software.