Home Business Awards AGI confers innovation award to Welsh government

AGI confers innovation award to Welsh government

UK: The Welsh government has been given the Innovation and Best Practice Award from the Association of Geographic Information (AGI). The Association’s awards intend to recognise best practice, innovation and maximum use of geographic and GPS information among organisations and businesses.

Wales’ devolved government made significant investment in its geospatial technology and skills in 2011 and is now capable of delivering a powerful suite of geospatial tools to support infrastructure, industry and agriculture decisions.

Stuart Massey, from software experts and partners in the project, Envitia, said the work carried out by the Welsh Assembly Government over the year has put the nation a step ahead of other regions when it comes to streamlining crucial processes and information.

“It is a fantastic achievement and demonstrates the successful implementation of leading edge geospatial technologies,” he said. “It is exciting to see innovative solutions delivering tangible government cost savings.”

Research into the benefits of the works has shown that the Corporate GIS system has already generated significant efficiencies for the Welsh government, allowing for the rapid construction of spatial applications both inside and outside the organisation.

Source: Surveying Point