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‘AggieAir Flying Circus’ drone to map wetlands

Utah, USA: Researchers at Utah State University, USA, launched ‘AggieAir Flying Circus’, a high-tech drone built for quick aerial imaging that is launched with a slingshot-like bungee cord. The drone can be used as a remote sensing platform for monitoring irrigated farmland, mapping wetlands, tracking wildlife and surveying construction projects.

AggieAir can acquire high-resolution imagery of a small area more quickly and more frequently than other remote sensing platforms such as satellites or piloted planes. The light weight drone is launched with the help of a bungee cord.

Routes are pre-programmed into the drone, which features an autopilot, GPS and an inertial measurement unit to keep track of pitch. While in the air, it takes pictures of the ground every four seconds. In an hour’s flight, it can collect upward of 400 images, which the researchers then stitch together into a mosaic.

Source: Future of Tech