AgForce launches maps and GIS to help Queensland producers

AgForce launches maps and GIS to help Queensland producers


Australia: To help Queensland producers and to provide them with tools and technology, AgForce Projects has launched new mapping and GIS services. The service will help producers in mapping and managing their property. The pack also includes the latest demo version of Phoenix software from AgData and the AgForce Projects Property Computer Mapping workbook (PDF). The services are particularly useful for graziers interested in achieving 'above industry standard' within Grazing BMP.

The team are providing a great range of products and services including the popular 'Property Digital Dataset Mapping Pack' which provides datasets to assist with the creation or updating of a property computer map including vegetation mapping; GLM land types; property cadastre; contours; watercourses; wetlands and Landsat imagery.

AgForce Projects also provide a personalised digital property mapping service, which allows you to receive a digital map of your property and training without having to take valuable time away from your business.

Other products and services that can be purchased through AgForce Projects include map printing, GPS tracks for your property or a GPS Glovebox guide.

Source: QueenslandCountryLife