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AgEagle introduces ParkView Aerial Imagery and Data Analytics Solution for Sustainability of America’s City Parks

USA: AgEagle Aerial Systems, Inc. an industry leading provider of advanced drone imagery-based data collection and analytics solutions for the sustainable agriculture and precision farming markets, today announced the formal market introduction of ParkView, a proprietary aerial imagery and data analytics platform designed specifically for assessing and supporting sustainability initiatives involving municipal, state and federal public parks and recreation areas. 

The Company further announced that it has won its first ParkView customer with the signing of Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) in Denver, Colorado. Leveraging the underlying imaging technology and robust analytics capabilities of AgEagle’s FarmLens platform, ParkView will empower DPR to utilize aerial imagery and sensor data to better inform vegetative maintenance and natural resource preservation for its green infrastructure, comprising more than 6,000 acres of public green space within the city limits.  AgEagle’s staff will also provide DPR with in-depth training on best management practices for UAV operations in a municipal setting. 

“In light of AgEagle’s mission to identify new industry verticals to penetrate with our leading-edge aerial imagery analytics technologies, it was a logical fit to adapt and rebrand our powerful FarmLens platform to proactively support sustainability of urban parks and public recreation spaces,” noted Barrett Mooney, AgEagle’s Chief Executive Officer.  “We are pleased to be teaming with DPR and look forward to working with its managers to achieve their underpinning sustainability objectives.”

Research has shown that urban green infrastructure can materially improve water quality and conservation, attract investment, revive distressed neighborhoods, encourage redevelopment and provide outdoor recreational opportunities for cities of all scope and sizes worldwide, thus effectively helping to align social, economic, public health and environmental goals. 

Demian Wetzel, Water Conservation Administrator at DPR, stated, “The city of Denver continues to earn national distinction for our efforts in meeting and exceeding the highest possible standards for environmental-friendly and sound ecological management of our beautiful parks and recreation spaces. We are very proud that our sustainability initiatives demonstrate how large metropolitan cities can best leverage technology to responsibly create, protect and nurture green spaces that contribute to the health of the planet while bringing enjoyment to city visitors and dwellers, alike.”