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AGCO unveils the Solo UAV line

Australia: AGCO Corporation has recently introduced the solo AGCO edition UAV. Utilising intuitive mission planning and cloud-based, high-resolution mapping software, the UAV is easy to use and can increase farmers' efficiency.

The Solo AGCO edition provides operators with hardware, software, service and support all in one package. The UAV can fly in up to 25 mph winds and has a max speed of 55 mph. Each fully charged, smart battery is capable of covering up to 60 acres, depending on conditions and user-defined settings, with an average flight time of 20 minutes, fully equipped. The UAV is built on 3D Robotics Solo platform and designed to evolve with the times. The UAV utilises a three-axis Solo Gimbal, accessory bay and swappable motor pods, allowing for easy integration of future technology and features.

Source: Precision Farming Dealer