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Africa RiskViewer software goes online

Ghana: The Africa RiskView software platform is now available online. The software aims to quantify and monitor weather-related food security risk in Africa. Africa RiskView translates satellite-based rainfall information into near real-time impacts of drought on agricultural production and grazing. By overlaying this data with vulnerability information, the software produces a first order estimation of the drought-­affected population and, in turn response cost estimates. Through this process, Africa RiskView combines four well-­established disciplines: crop monitoring and early warning; vulnerability assessment and mapping; humanitarian operational response; and, financial planning and risk management.

The Africa RiskView Online version similar to the desktop application is designed to enable users to quickly access products concerning weather related food security risks for the areas in which they are interested. The user selects her or his region/season of interest and then accesses the products of the successive steps in the analytical process chain. The Africa RiskView analytical layers are presented on the main page of the online version in a dashboard approach providing already a sneak preview of key analytical outputs.

Africa’ RiskView interprets different types of weather data and remote sensing products such as rainfall estimates and information about crops, soils and cropping calendars. Rainfall data are updated every ten days and fed into the software for each of the 261,135 satellite pixels (or squares of about 10 km 2 near the equator) covering Africa.

Source: Africa RiskView Online