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Afghan districts get officially defined borders

Kabul, Afghanistan: The Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) and the General Directorate of the Afghan Geodesy and Cartography Head Office (AGCHO), in support of the mission at NATO Training Mission – Afghanistan, formally defined the internal borders of each district in Afghanistan.

The declaration ended jurisdictional confusion among government institutions as well as coalition forces, like the Army and Police, by making the 2009 map the only recognised composition of the country.

In the 2007 version there were some mistakes and gaps in information, said Abdul Gheyas Wardak, provincial director of IDLG. By switching to the 2009 map we filled those gaps, we corrected those mistakes and can now meet the requirements of the people who need these maps.

The 2007 map was hastily drafted in preparation for an upcoming election, and the boundaries were drawn based on available information. After the election, though, the ILDG and AGCHO analysts found that a lot of villages weren’t accounted for. So they went back and did a more thorough job of canvassing the districts and provinces.

“So now this is an official statement saying stop using the 2007 map,” said Roger Greenland, senior mentor for AGCHO. “2009 is the only official map of the districts of Afghanistan.”

This decree can now assist officials and different ministries in their economic development projects, and national priority programmes, such as rebuilding existing, and building new, rural roads in the various provinces of Afghanistan, and defining property ownership.

Source: NTM