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Afghan Army getting g-power

Afghanistan: The Afghan National Army (ANA) Intelligence Directorate (G2) Geographic Information/Intelligence Service (GEOINT) has spent almost USD 600,000 in the installation of desktop computers. They are equipped with Geospatial Information Services (GIS) visualisation and production software suite, loaded with the same programme used by the US Natural Resources Conservation Service. The technology adds advanced manipulation of imagery, maps, elevation data and other GIS information and products.

These systems include redundant power supplies, tape backup, rack-mounted server and networking modules, state-of-the-art desktop geospatial workstations with dual high-resolution monitors and wide-format full colour plotters and printers. This technology provides the means for the Afghan Army to map its own way towards self-sufficiency.

Training for the Afghan National Army GEOINT professionals, many of whom have advanced degrees in cartography (map production) and other geospatial sciences, has been ongoing for one and a half year.

Source: NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan