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Affordable access to mobile laser mapping

Nottingham, UK

StreetMapper, the vehicle-based laser mapping system, is now being offered on a fractional ownership basis providing affordable access to leading edge technology. With projected cost savings of more than 25 per cent and without the upfront investment required for an outright purchase, the StreetMapper Fractional Ownership Plan is set to broaden the appeal of the mobile laser mapping system.
Dr Graham Hunter, Managing Director of StreetMapper developer 3D Laser Mapping, said, “Industries burdened by high fixed costs of assets, high fixed cost of asset ownership – such as service and maintenance, and rapid technological innovation are prime candidates for managing assets through fractional ownership and it is a popular concept in the aviation market.”

Under the StreetMapper Fractional Ownership Plan potential customers can purchase an actual fraction of a system on an operated basis. This purchase can be shown as an asset on the balance sheet and depreciated, just like any other asset. Ownership under the plan consists of three cost components; an initial investment covering the cost of share of the system, a monthly service fee to cover the cost of managing the system including system maintenance, insurance, extended warranties and overheads etc and a cost per hour or per mile of surveying. Comparison of the costs of a traditional managed survey versus a survey conducted by a fractional owner highlight a cost saving per lane mile of up to $300.
Source: 3D Laser Mapping