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AES Eletropaulo uses Geomarketing tools to improve customer service

Aiming to know better its clients’ profile, consumption habits and services demand, The brazilian company AES Eletropaulo started to use Geomarketing tools to improve it’s processes. The strategy, which has the function of locating all public by micro regions, defined some actions that showed improvements in operational and comercial procedures, recognition and delivery of invoices, and even in the internal areas of the company.

AES Eletropaulo worked on repositioning certain points of the face-to-face service network. Based on the analysis of population density of the company’s concession area, using Geomarketing, it was possible to identify, for example, that residents of the east side were living in distant locations from the concessionaire’s stores. From then on, the company opened a new store in the Itaquera neighborhood, reducing the commuting time of those customers by 30%. The company also conducted researches that found a greater customer satisfaction and a higher movement in this unit.

Another initiative was the mapping of the locations where more accidents occur with the electrical grid. By identifying these situations, the concessionaire has provided videos and lectures to schools and businesses in these regions, reducing 70% of these incidents. “If we had not mapped, we would need to cover the entire supply area, which would be less effective and more time consuming”, said Rogério Jorge, AES Eletropaulo’s Marketing Manager.

AES Eletropaulo also used Geomarketing to crosscheck residential data of the store attendants and their work units. With this, the distributor relocated employees in accordance with the best location, helping to improve their quality of life by giving them more time with their families and reducing their commuting time.

Source: AES Eletropaulo