Home News Business AeroGRID supplies PKT with imagery of 11 Polish cities

AeroGRID supplies PKT with imagery of 11 Polish cities

Paris – AeroGRID has supplied PKT.Pl (Polskie Książki Telefoniczne Sp. z o.o.), Poland’s online and offline business information provider, with detailed aerial imagery of 11 major Polish cities: Warsaw, Poznan, Lodz, Krakow, Wroclaw, Katowice, Bydgoczsz, Szcezcin and Gdansk, Gydnia, Sopot. The imagery is already accessible on PKT.Pl’s mapping portal www.mapy.pkt.pl.

AeroGRID is a consortium of different data providers. For this project AeroGRID partner MGGP provided imagery for some of the cities required by PKT and DigitalGlobe contributed high resolution Quickbird satellite imagery for Warsaw. Other cities were specially flown and processed by AeroGrid. AeroGRID will acquire new imagery of Warsaw during the 2009 flying season.

AeroGRID partners operate 10 different survey aircraft and high-resolution digital cameras. Partners sell AeroGRID data within their own markets but all imagery is made available for purchase online. AeroGRID partners contribute aerial imagery data, and coordinate flying resources to their mutual benefit.

“PKT are very excited to be able to offer the newest and most detailed aerial imagery available in the Polish market. This supports PKTs role as the leading local search innovator. PKT have been impressed by AeroGRIDs ability to meet the demanding schedules required to meet our online goals”, said Ewa Kasiak, Head of Online for PKT.