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Aerodata International Surveys covers The Netherlands

On 15 June 2003 Aerodata International Surveys based in Antwerp, Belgium, completed all aerial photography for a nationwide photographic coverage of The Netherlands. The project which was awarded by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture in May 2003, calls for the delivery of ortho rectified imagery of the entire territory of The Netherlands before the end of 2003. The Ministry, together with its partners in a cluster also containing the Ministry of Housing and a number of provinces, has acquired the user rights for 1 meter spatial data. Aerodata Int. Surveys will retain full ownership of the data and forsees to market the data directly. The data will become available up to a 50 cm spatial resolution.

The photography has been acquired in full color with a Zeiss LMK2000 at a nominal scale of 1:30.000 in less than a month, resulting in a “moments” exposure of late spring time vegatation. The imagery will be scanned at 15 micron on the LH Systems DSW500 photogrammetric scanner and orthorectified using orientation parameters collected with the onboard Applanix POS/AV orientation system. The ortho photos will be seamlessly mosaicked and thanks to the extremely short acquisition time, no major differences in cultivation can be observed. From January 2004 the imagery will become available to the general public from Aerodata Int Surveys web server at any spatial resolution up to 100 cm. A direct billing system is foreseen based on a “Pay per pixel” concept. Professional customers and users with a requirement for higher resolution data are advised to contact Aerodata Int Surveys directly for a tailor-made made proposal.