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Aero-Photo upgrades to Microsoft UltraCamXp

Graz, Austria: Aero-Photo (1961) Inc. contracted with Vexcel Imaging GmbH, a Microsoft company, to upgrade its UltraCamLp to an UltraCamXp digital aerial photogrammetric camera system. 
Paul Grenier, President of Aero-Photo (1961) Inc. explained, “Aero-Photo decided to upgrade to an UltraCamXp to standardise our processes and be more efficient on large aerial photography projects. By having three UltraCamXp cameras at our disposal, multiple aircraft are able to work on the same project simultaneously and collect compatible data.”
Aero-Photo (1961) Inc. will use all three of its UltraCamXp digital cameras for large-area projects throughout North America.
Alexander Wiechert, Microsoft Business Director, said, “Microsoft provided Aero-Photo with an UltraCamXp camera system that is the best fit for its project needs. The Microsoft upgrade programme allows our customers to grow their businesses while being responsive to changing conditions.”
Source: Microsoft