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Aero-Photo to use UltraCamLp for aerial data collection

Graz, Austria: Aero-Photo (1961) Inc. has contracted with Vexcel Imaging GmbH, to purchase an UltraCamLp digital aerial photogrammetric camera system. ”Aero-Photo is committed to 100 percent digital aerial data collection and production based on the UltraCam product line,” stated Paul Grenier, President of Aero-Photo (1961) Inc. “The UltraCamLp gives us the versatility we need at a competitive price for smaller projects, so it is an excellent addition to our resources.”

Aero-Photo (1961) Inc. will use the new UltraCamLp primarily for projects involving road and power lines corridors, forestry, and other smaller projects in the local area, while keeping its two UltraCamXp cameras available for larger international projects.

Alexander Wiechert, Microsoft Business Director for Vexcel Imaging GmbH, said, “We take this purchase of another UltraCam as a very high compliment about the quality of our products and service.”

Source: Vexcel Imaging