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Aerials Express releases new Aerial Mapping Software

Tempe, USA, September 27, 2007: Aerials Express, provider of annually updated aerial imagery of US metropolitan areas, announced the release of ECEY View Aerial Mapping Software. ECEY View was designed with the look and feel of familiar office software, making it easier to use than other GIS applications. ECEY View encourages a more fluid role for aerial imagery within the workplace. Any level of employee within an organization can share results with clients and co-workers via email, prints, flyers, posters, and software presentations.

“We are very excited about our new aerial mapping software, ECEY View,” stated Aerials Express president, Bill Landis. “We have created a software program that combines ease of use with the functionality of other GIS software programs. ECEY View, in addition to the vast amount of imagery we have in our collection, sets us apart as a true industry leader.”

ECEY View, which gets its name from the acronym of the company mission ‘Every City, Every Year’ is free with the purchase of any Aerials Express imagery package. Learn more about ECEY View, or download a free copy by visiting www.eceyview.com. ECEY View includes the latest street maps, landmark, parcel, flood, and topographic data, making it a cost effective solution for government, real estate, engineering, and business professionals.