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Aerials Express expands offerings for North America

Arizona, US: Aerials Express announced that comprehensive colour infrared aerial coverage will be available with its North American imagery products.  Offering high resolution colour infrared imagery allows users to expand the utility of their aerial imagery, including environmental analysis and land-use classification.  The enhanced product will be available as a seamless regional mosaic or as localised areas of interest.

Aerials Express uses the latest digital camera platforms to collect high resolution RGB imagery content simultaneously with colour infrared content across North America.  Both datasets are processed as orthorectified seamless mosaics, meaning that users can view the two datasets interchangeably for analysis and mapping purposes.  As a result of the company’s aggressive imagery acquisition schedule, the collected colour infrared offers a current perspective of the landscape better representing the situation on the ground.

Luke Pritchard, General Manager of Aerials Express, said, “Our extensive coverage of the United States, Canada, and Mexico makes this offering of current and high resolution colour infrared imagery unprecedented in the geospatial industry.”

Once used predominantly in the agriculture industry for crop monitoring and harvest projections, colour infrared now has a diversified function for geospatial analysts.  It is now commonly used in a broad range of environmental monitoring practices including: urban forestry, soil stability, water contamination tracking, greenhouse emissions monitoring and golf course management.  It is also frequently utilised for land-use and infrastructure inventory due to the visual distinctiveness generated between manmade surfaces.

Source: Aerials Express