Aerial photography survey of London in one day

Aerial photography survey of London in one day


UK: GeoInformation Group completed aerial photography survey of London in just one day.  The survey aims to upgrade its existing Cities Revealed London database. Previous air surveys of London have taken up to three years to complete due to weather and complexities of air traffic restrictions across one of the busiest air spaces in the world.

Using a state-of-the-art digital A3 camera, GeoInformation Group, along with its flying partner Aerodata International Surveys, was able to survey and collect over 4500 images across London in one flight.  The new camera technology enabled the survey aircraft to fly more efficiently yet still collect 10 cm ground resolution imagery.

This is the first time that photography of London has been collected at this level in such a short space of time. The clarity and detail makes it possible to see work ongoing at the Olympic Site, count the empty seats on open top buses and even see people enjoying the sunshine in Trafalgar Square.

Dr Alun Jones, Managing Director, GeoInformation Group, said, “Early feedback from our customers to the first sample images and the news that all of London was captured in just one day has been highly positive and now they just want to get their hands on this unique database.”

These images are geographically accurate and will be processed into one seamless, map accurate, image database. This database will be made available as a standalone image product and via GeoInformation Group online service.  It will also be used to update GeoInformation Group’s new, large-scale mapping product, UKMap.

Source: UKMapping