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Aerial photography product assists mapping of historic sites

Aerial photography company The GeoInformation Group, has recently supplied Suffolk County Council with a corporate licence of CR Historic aerial photography. Suffolk is the latest in a series of county councils throughout the UK to purchase photography for the entire region to aid in the identification and mapping of historic sites, features and boundaries. CR Historic is the UK’s first commercially available seamless air photo database captured between 1930s and 1950s already helping Buckinghamshire, Cheshire, Cambridgeshire and Lancashire within a wide range of services covering archaeology, nature conservation, land regeneration, environmental management, and planning issues.

Suffolk County Council’s archaeologists are using the aerial photography to efficiently view the entire county spanning over 4000 sq kms from one direct source. Sourced from UK archives and transformed into a present day digital format, the one metre resolution photography provides detailed intelligence about Suffolk’s past land use often lacking from conventional maps or hidden in historical texts. The photography, which was captured around the WWII era, enables archaeologists to view Suffolk’s urban and rural landscapes prior to bomb damage and subsequent housing development. This has helped to reveal invaluable clues on the location of historic settlements that may otherwise be obscured from view today.