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Aerial photography enhances news coverage

The Nottingham Evening Post has bolstered its coverage of major stories with use of aerial photographs. The paper has used images from online aerial photography service Getmapping to illustrate crime stories and an article about a landscape development proposal.

The service was used to provide an extra dimension to major stories. In a story a crime spree in a particular street aerial photography was used to pinpoint individual businesses. In another the photography was used to illustrate a piece of inner city parkland scheduled for redevelopment and thus it was shown how it would affect neighbouring properties.

Getmapping provides bird’s eye views of every part of England and Wales and much of Scotland. It enables newspapers, magazines and TV production companies to download high resolution images that cover areas from 0.5sq km to 10sq km. It also features ultra-detailed images of towns and cities which clearly show such details as road markings and garden features.