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Aerial Photographs to assist in mapping vegetation

Missouri, USA, 09 April 2007: Columbia’s city government will be using high-resolution aerial photography to map vegetation and aid in enforcement of tree preservation

A 180-square-mile area will be photographed during a fly-over in June while trees are fully in leaf, and the images will serve as a baseline for future analysis of changes in vegetation and to monitor land disturbance.

City Manager of Columbia City, Bill Watkins said once the analysis has been completed, city administrators will be in position to identify areas for preservation. “Before we can do that, we need to define and determine which areas are really important and what we need to preserve.”

The vegetation survey is the final component of an ongoing natural resource inventory that can help review policy decisions related to development and conservation. The city’s existing resource database is extensive, including mineral resource concentrations and water quality, but it lacks a detailed vegetation map.

Once Columbia has the new imagery, it will be made available for public viewing along with the analysis and reports, Watkins said.