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Aerial photograph archives resolve land ownership disputes

Leicestershire, UK – Aerial survey firm Bluesky has launched a new Web service designed to help resolve boundary, rights of way, and other land related disputes in Britain. Visitors to www.oldaerialphotos.com can now identify and acquire photographic evidence from the past to support their claim and in addition to the historical aerial photomaps a range of professional services are also available including Letters of Authenticity, Statutory Declaration and even appearance in court by a professional photographic interpreter. With prices starting from £20 the Old Aerial Photos Legal Service can save time and money, even helping to resolve disputes before they escalate.

Visitors to www.oldaerialphotos.co can search through the millions of aerial images dating back as far as the 1917 by simply entering a postcode, address or grid reference. Detailed search results, including the age and ground coverage, of every image that matches the search criteria are displayed and the visitor can choose to purchase either a hard copy print or digital image file.

Images that are available for sale on the Website include some of the earliest commercial aerial survey images, military photography from World War II and many national archives, including oblique aerial photographs.

www.oldaerialphotos.com is a joint venture between aerial imaging, remote sensing data collection and processing specialist Bluesky, and air to ground oblique photography experts Skyscan.