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Aerial maps to curb bogus voting in India

Candidates for the Delhi Assembly elections, scheduled for November, may not find it easy to get bogus votes cast this time. Aerial maps of all 70 assembly constituencies and identity card to each voter can well be the biggest stumbling block for those looking for any fraud in the polling.
The Election Commission (EC) plans to provide aerial maps of each constituency at the polling booths, EC officials said. “We have demarcated boundaries of each polling booth with clear indication of blocks and wards. The officer at the booth will have a new tool in his hand to prevent bogus voting.”
In case of a suspicious voter, the polling officer can always refer to the map to find whether the address being provided by the voter falls in the said constituency or not. If the doubt remains the officer would be able to call up the central office to verify the persons’ credentials from the central computer. The new maps have been created by Joint Chief Election Officer Surender Ghonkrokta. A team of officials worked on the basic Eicher maps and the 1991 Census report. “The polling booth areas were marked on the Eicher maps and were then digitised. After each assembly constituency area was demarcated the maps were put on the computer,” an official said. The aerial maps have already proved to be handy. The Delimitation Commission’s proposals are also based on these maps and it may not agree to objections raised by legislators against them.
By Chetan Chauhan, Hindustan Times
(New Delhi)