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AEM contributes with geospatial information to protect population from natural disasters

In order to support the population in terms of civil protection from floods and various weather phenomena, the Mexican Space Agency (AEM) shall assist in coordination with the southeastern states of Mexico, through information and rapid response protocols.

The CEO of AEM, Javier Mendieta Jiménez, reported the above during the “First Workshop on Geospatial Information: Improving Connectivity in the Southeast”. At the event, Mendieta noted that these actions are possible thanks to the actions of the Federal Government, through the Secretariat for Communications and Transportation (SCT), to strengthen connectivity.

Thus, the AEM as an agency of SCT, in coordination with local institutions, will contribute for integrating a model based on geospatial technologies to create a risk map updated and permanent.

The first among the reporting protocols will be a pilot program, which will be operated by the Civil Protection of the State Government of Tabasco, whose implementation is expected to begin in December this year, to generate prompt response in areas of flood with rescue routes and real-time monitoring of water quantity, as well as an epidemiological alert, that can be sent via text messages to the population.

Additionally, in times of no disaster that infrastructure of telecommunications and space will also allow the implementation of a comprehensive model of e-health (medical guidance online and via cell phone), applied to the most marginalized areas of the southeast. This program will be replicated at regional and national level, to create a channel of punctual information on preventive medicine in all vulnerable areas of Mexico, particularly for indigenous people in different languages.

Source: AEM