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AEB’s Director highlights the importance of satellites in monitoring the Amazon

The great importance of using satellites in fire monitoring and deforestation control in the Amazon region was the central focus of the lecture given by the Satellites, Applications and Development Director of the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB), Alberto Gurgel, at the 66th Annual Meeting of the Braziliam Society for the Advancement of Science (SBPC), in Rio Branco (AC).

In recent years, the fight against Amazon deforestation has been intensified, with drastic reductions in cleared areas. “Brazil had already burned the equivalent to a Belgium per year in the Amazon and, with the use of satellites, it has been dramatically reduced”, said Gurgel.

Applications – The investment in geostationary monitoring also aims at other purposes. Gurgel said that the implementation of resources in national satellites, besides of guaranteeing autonomy to the country, provides a number of applications for the population. Beyond the control of deforestation, the satellites are used for monitoring agricultural areas, observe oceans and monitor the level of rivers and dams, for example.

Brazil is also investing in building a communication satellite able to bring broadband service to remote regions of the country. Called Geostationary Satellite for Defense and Communications (SGDC), the machine is being assembled in France.

The expectation is to use US$ 1.3 billion in the project and that the satellite is in operation within two years. The schedule is for three satellites to be launched in total, all with lifespan of 15 years.

Source: Agência Gestão CT&I, with MCTI information